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About Ecospace®

Ecospace® is one of the world’s premium manufacturers of compostable cutlery, using cornstarch and other inert substances such as citric acid (found in citrus fruits) to create entirely healthy, eco-friendly disposable plastic products which can be composted back into soil in only 12 weeks. Our mission is to make compostable products and eco-friendly living accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Ecospace® Is Contributing To A More Compassionate, Healthy, And Sustainable Earth. Here’s How.

Reversing Global Environmental Damage

From global warming and plastic pollution to environmental damage caused by drilling for oil -- Ecospace® products effectively REVERSE the tides of planetary harm that have been unleashed in the past century.

Revealing The Power Of Compostable Products

Through industry-leading education, we can begin to spread the good news about compostable products -- and how they can lead us to a zero-waste, yet CONVENIENT society.

Activating A Global “Army” Of Eco-Warriors

Our ultimate goal is to inform and empower the people who care about our planet. It’s not too late to start making the right choices, and we can still save the Earth! But we must work together, and we must be passionate about our goals.


An Educational Blog Created To Change Your Life.

Composting is life-changing, because it changes the way we as humans process “waste” products, recirculating them back into nutritious soil which feeds new plants (and starting the cycle all over again!).

The Ecospace® blog contains the latest scientific discoveries and rigorously researched articles that educate, inform, and empower your eco-friendly journey.


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Help Us “Blow The Lid” Wide Open About The Revolutionary World-Changing Good Of Compostable Products

Imagine a world where no more white plastic ends up in our oceans, where landfills become a thing of the past, and where global warming is a footnote in some history book. That’s how big the story of compostable products is.

Here’s why: if everyone started using compostable alternatives, then we’d easily be able to create a true ZERO waste society. That’s because everything would be turned back into soil and used to nurture new plant growth.

And the plants used to grow our compostable products will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. This is the story of the century -- how humanity saved the planet! Help us report this story to everyone and make a difference.


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