Switching To Fully Compostable Packaging
And Products
Has NEVER Been Easier

Ecospace® has designed extremely convenient custom and package cloning options that allow you to replace 100% of your products and packaging with compostable alternatives. One day, we hope to help replace all plastic with SAFE, planet-friendly bioplastic alternatives.


Why Should It Matter To Your Company?

Times are changing. Only a few years ago, it was prohibitively expensive and difficult to replace your plastic packaging with compostable alternatives. Some companies even justified it as eco-friendlier to use plastic for the time being.

NOW, there is NO EXCUSE to continue using horrible, extremely toxic petroleum-based plastics in your packaging.

Especially if you manufacture organic food, beverages, or cosmetics!

ALL petroleum-based plastics leak BPA-like chemicals into your products and go on to harm and kill thousands of animals worldwide during manufacturing and after your customers dispose of them.


Replace Your Current Packaging So Easily You Will Find It Hard To Believe

Ecospace® gives you the ability to clone, white-label, or create fully customized packaging with CPLA/PLA compostable bioplastic along with other compostable materials. It’s so convenient that you’d have to decide you LIKE causing damage to your customers and the environment to decide against it!


We Can Re-Manufacture Almost Anything

Food Packaging (containers, boxes, glasses, cups, mugs, lids, bags, wraps, foils, etc.) both transparent and in color

Disposable Tableware (cutlery, chopsticks, ice-cream spoons, straws, toothpicks, stirs, napkins (bamboo fiber), etc.) both transparent and in color

Cosmetic & Personal Care Packaging (tubes, containers, bottles, Q tips, dispensers, bottle tops, etc.)

Shipping Materials (shipping labels, tape, seals, bubble wrap, foil, filler, stretch wrap, pallets, baskets, etc.)

And many, many more items on request!


The BEST part!

Is all of the certifications you gain from replacing your current packaging using Ecospace®:

✔️ Fully ASTM D6400 & EN 13432 standard compliant

✔️ Will pass OK Compost

✔️ Will pass Seedling Compost

✔️ Will pass BPI Composting standards

✔️ Will pass Compost Manufacturing Alliance

✔️ Will pass DIN Industrial Compostable geprüft

Even simply adding these stamps to your packaging will do a lot to show how environmentally-conscious your brand is and set you apart in a sea of competitors, especially since many of the older eco-brands are still using destructive petroleum plastics.

They are like “sitting ducks” for someone like you who is ready to make a change.


#1 Package Cloning Service

This service is perfect for you if you love your current packaging design, but need to create a compostable alternative. Ecospace® is capable of cloning almost any packaging and delivering a 100% eco-friendly prototype right to your front door.

We can even provide you with fully compostable shipping labels, tape, stretch wrap, and bubble wrap. The process is easy.

Gain the advantage over your competitors (and maybe even call them out on their lack of progress!) in the eco-friendly market by being a LEADER.


#2 White-Label Service

All Ecospace® products are available for consumer brands as white-label products. This means you can resell our products as your own with customized branding. Of course, the molds are fixed, but everything else can be changed to fit your brand:

- Your artwork, logo and branding

- Product box and master carton color and size

- Package contents

- Packaging types: loose in a box, packed with or without a napkin (Can be packaged in a PLA bag, printed or clear)


#3 Custom Development From Scratch

If you don’t have your packaging already designed, or you need something custom-created, then our customization service can help you with everything from modular creation to total one-stop-shop services.



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