We Invite You To Make Your Comparisons

There are so many brands out there making “eco-friendly” products, so how can you tell the real ones from the “not-so-real”? The best way is to compare and contrast each different brand, especially when you are armed with all of the information to see the differences. Read on to learn more about how Ecospace® compares to others.


The Ecospace® Difference: In Everything We Do

In the sea of “eco-friendly” products and brands, what could possibly make Ecospace® unique? In short, everything.

For starters, our materials. We use CPLA, a crystallized corn starch that can withstand the high temperatures from cooking and yet composts back to soil within 12 weeks. With Ecospace®, you also get 100% compostable packaging (extremely rare!).

Ecospace® is certified by international governing boards, has a unique “Eco-Warrior” philosophy, and even educates you as a consumer in unique ways. We live our message through and through.


Why Compostable?


Compostable materials return to nutritious, fertile soil through microbial action -- as quickly as cellulose paper.


The resulting compost is made up of nothing but soil and water – what’s more, compost made from Ecospace® cutlery provides the vital nutrients for seeds to grow.


Ecospace® cutlery crumbles into super-tiny SAFE particles and finally dissolves into soil.

Lack of Heavy Metals 

Ecospace® compost is safe, natural, fertile and doesn’t contain a significant amount of heavy metals. It contributes to new plant growth.


CPLA, The Astonishing Carbon-Neutral Compostable Plastic

CPLA is truly an amazing plastic, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is made entirely from organic compounds, beginning with all-natural, Non-GMO cornstarch. Then citric acid (from citrus fruits) and other non-harmful components are combined to form this plastic.

It is 100% carbon-neutral, it can be composted and fed to plants as fertilizer, and will never become a source of pollution.


Ecospace® CPLA Cutlery Stands Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Ecospace® CPLA gives you the best of all worlds. It’s shockingly eco-friendly, especially for plastic. Yet it is strong, reliable and convenient.

Unlike “biodegradable” disposable cutlery, which can degrade over tens and hundreds of years, CPLA composts in 12 weeks, flat -- reducing your “carbon footprint” to 3 short months. But unlike other bioplastics, it is strong and it can withstand the heat of food without bending and melting because the cornstarch polymers are crystallized.

Like “normal” plastic, it doesn’t absorb the flavors of the food, it is convenient to hold, and it stays sharp enough to eat with no matter what. The differences? CPLA cutlery is non-toxic and will never become a source of pollution or harm to animals like the traditional white plastic that is wrecking our oceans.

Ecospace® gives you the total package.


Amazing Eco-Friendly Cutlery Replaces Wood, Bamboo & Plastic

There’s a new kind of disposable cutlery in town and it’s the best alternative we’ve seen yet to fix the white plastic problem. CPLA cutlery is MORE environmentally friendly than wooden or bamboo cutlery (yes, you read that right!) and more durable, strong, and easy to use than plastic.

When you finish reading this blog post, you’ll wonder why EVERYONE’s not already using CPLA!


Everything We Claim Is Backed Up By Our Legitimate Certifications

The eco-friendly market is really “hot” right now – over the past several years many companies have popped up to take advantage of the demand. Unfortunately, many of the “eco-friendly” companies out there make big promises but they don’t have real certifications to prove what they say.

Ecospace® is very different. We have challenged ourselves to become certified by the toughest international boards that there are – and we are looking to expand our certifications even more in the future! Behind all this great talk, there is real proof of what we promise.