This Is A “Call To Arms” For All Eco-Warriors

If you care about the health and sustainability of our home planet, and for all of the wonderful living creatures and plants that also call Earth their home… Then you are among kindred spirits here in the Ecospace® community.

Due to the drastic and dangerous climate change and horribly toxic practices of modern business, we believe now is the time to mobilize behind the banner of Ecospace® to create a zero-waste society.


About Ecospace®

Ecospace® is one of the world’s premium manufacturers of compostable cutlery, using cornstarch and other inert substances such as citric acid (found in citrus fruits) to create entirely healthy, eco-friendly disposable plastic products which can be composted back into soil in only 12 weeks. Our mission is to make compostable products and eco-friendly living accessible to everyone, everywhere.



Help Us Spread The Good News About Ecospace® Compostable Products

The truth is, compostable products eliminate the world’s reliance on petroleum, help keep CO2 emissions under check, and massively reduce pollution. It’s the only way to build a truly sustainable and zero-waste world. Isn’t that good news?

Start A Petition In Support Of Compostable Packaging

Businesses need to “see the light” and change their ways. Right now, they make their decisions based on profit margins and choose deadly, world-poisoning toxic plastic packaging instead of healthy and sustainable compostable packaging. But if enough customers show them the value of switching, they’ll have no choice except to do what’s right.

Create Grassroots Change At The Level of Local Government

We can also use your help at the level of local government. Petitions need to be created to fund more composting facilities. As the world switches from traditional plastics to compostables like Ecospace®, an entire new composting industry will start to take shape.


Make Sure Litter Doesn’t End Up In Our Oceans By Joining The Ecospace® Effort

Toxic plastic that is littered into natural areas is NOT the same as toxic plastic that is confined to a landfill. While Ecospace® aims to eventually eliminate ALL toxic plastics, in the meantime we can at least keep it contained.

When plastic gets away from landfills, it harms animals and ends up in rivers which take it out to the ocean. Once it gets there, there’s no telling how much harm it can cause.

Ecospace® sponsors exclusive litter picking communities and marches through Meetup, and we arm our “brigades” with compostable bags, picking tools and clothing. Join one of our existing groups or organize your own Ecospace® sponsored community or march.


Let’s Make Compostable Products The New Normal

✔️ We need eco-warriors to continue educating those who are “not in the know” about why compostable products are the future and the benefits of switching over.

✔️ It’s very easy to share our high-quality blogs and products with your friends on social media.

✔️ It’s easy to talk to friends, family and coworkers about the differences between toxic plastic and compostable plastic, possibly even requesting them to make the switch for your benefit.

✔️ The above activities are only one step away from earning affiliate commissions with our affiliate program. As an affiliate, every person you refer to our site earns you a 10% commission!

As you can see, there are a lot of positive experiences and even possible financial rewards for you as an Ecospace® brand ambassador. Learn more by clicking the button below:


You Can Get Your Favorite Brands To Switch to Compostable Packaging and Products

The most important thing to any company is the opinions and viewpoints of their own customers. That’s why starting a petition to ask a company to make the change from regular poisonous plastic packaging to safe and sustainable compostable packaging is so effective.

A petition lets them know that there is more customer loyalty in it for them to make the change, helping them justify the decision in “dollars and cents” to their board of directors. We’ve even designed the templates to help you get started.


Grassroots Change Begins By Modifying Local Policy

Did you know that Germany won't have landfills by 2020 anymore. Did you know that countries like Germany are among those with the highest density of industrial composting facilities while other countries like the US hang far behind.

We need to change this! Help us achieve this goal.

We made it easy with templates to send an open letter to your local government or go one step further with an online petition on portals like


Revolutions Start In The Hearts And Minds Of Passionate People

We believe in the power of information. When someone is learning about compostable products and it suddenly “clicks” for them how this will change the world (and save the Earth!), it’s a truly amazing thing.

That’s why our website, social media profiles, and blog are chock-full of power-packed infographics and well researched articles designed to change hearts and minds for the better. Putting that information out there is a good start.

With your help, we can take it one step further. Would you share our posts, share our infographics, and share our well-thought-out articles with your network of people and on your website? We believe it will do a world of good.

Feel free to share everything but please don't alter the resources and link back to the Ecospace® website.


The Eco-Warrior Community Needs Financial Donations To Expand Our Mission

Anyone can support the Ecospace® effort with donations, no matter how big or small. Ecospace® is constantly feeding its own profits back into our campaigns for Community & Activism.

It takes a lot of financial resources to produce high-quality educational material for global change, as well as sponsored litter picking communities. Every single penny of your donation goes directly into Community & Activism initiatives and will amplify the good we are able to do in the world.